Review: Sailor Shikiori Fuji-Sugata / Wisteria Purple Ink

Review: Sailor Shikiori Fuji-Sugata / Wisteria Purple Ink
The ink comes in a beautiful 20 ml bottle

Sailor's Shikiori Fuji-Sugata (also known as Wisteria Purple) is a beautiful purple ink with a hint of blue inside. It is mesmerizing to look at and is very easy to read. The ink is priced decently, with a 20 ml bottle setting you back ~$13 on Amazon.

From my experience with this ink, it doesn't bleed much on any paper I've used, which is nice. This ink has gorgeous shading, and every shade of purple in it is beautiful. The predominant color in this ink is a deep violet shade, making this ink usable in many situations.

Ink writing sample - note dry times. The paper used is Rhodia dotPad

This is a more mid-range ink. For the amount of ink each bottle has, it's pricer (in terms of ink per dollar) than Pilot's iroshizuku line and many other popular inks. However, this color is very appealing, and I believe that this ink is a good purchase.

This ink has a special place in my heart as it was one of the first inks I've ever bought after getting into fountain pens. I was captivated by the various shades of purple, and, as a student, doing schoolwork with a pen inked with Sailor Fuji-Sugata makes the work more enjoyable since the color is so pretty.

Ink sample - You can see the hint of blue throughout the elegant shading

This ink has a good dry time. Ink bleed isn't too much of an issue, either. On Rhodia dotPad, the ink dries within 10 seconds, and the bleed-through is barely visible. The dry time is shorter on cheaper paper, but the bleed-through is more apparent.

Front side - comparing cheap paper and Rhodia dotPad
Back side - comparing cheap paper and Rhodia dotPad

I do want to note that cheaper paper zaps away a great amount of character from the ink. Cheaper paper, with it's absorbent quality, makes Sailor Fuji-Sugata a light purple throughout, while Rhodia dotPad maintains the ink's more complex shading characteristics.

Cheap notebook paper loses some of the characteristics of the ink.

I love using this ink. Although it's more expensive than many other inks, it's beautiful. This ink has an unnoticeable odor, unlike some other Sailor inks, such as Sailor Manyo Kikyou, which stinks up the nib.

I plan on making more ink reviews in the future. I'm early on in my ink reviews, so if you have any feedback on how I can improve my reviews, please let me know, either by a comment or an email. Thank you for sticking around!

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