Nathan Ma

Nathan Ma

Hi! I'm Nathan, and I'm a stationery enthusiast. I've been in love with anything regarding writing and have built up a huge collection that I can now share with others!

Guide: Cartridge Converter Fountain Pens

In the fountain pen world, the most common type of filling mechanism you will see is the cartridge converter. There's a reason for this: the easy-to-use filling mechanism is great for any type

Review: Sailor Manyo Haha Ink

Sailor Manyo Haha is awesome. It's a pleasant light blue, and its name in English is technically laughing at you. What more is there to want? Jokes aside, I am a pretty huge

My Trip to the San Francisco Pen Show (2023)

Hey everyone! Last weekend, I attended my first pen show in San Francisco, which was quite intimidating. I was busy doing schoolwork and was unfortunately forced to attend on Sunday, so I missed

Review: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

The budget king. This is the Platinum Preppy fountain pen, and it's one of the most bang-for-your-buck options out there in such a low, sub-$10 price range. It's also an offering from