About Shellshore

Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm Nathan...

And I really like stationery. Seriously. Everything from pens, mechanical pencils, inks, and even paper, has a special place in my heart. I love everything about the versatility and customization of each of these items and the pursuit of finding the perfect combinations (which, by the way, is impossible – there's always something else you need to buy to make it "perfect").

Ever since I've been able to hold one of those thick "training pencils," I've always had a soft spot for writing. Of course, over time, this translated to me now owning countless amounts of mechanical pencils and pens. As I got more interested in the lovely stationery community, I decided that I wanted to share my own ideas about what I think is great.

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Please email me for any business inquiries: nathanpeterma@gmail.com

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