Guide: Cartridge Converter Fountain Pens

In the fountain pen world, the most common type of filling mechanism you will see is the cartridge converter. There's a reason for this: the easy-to-use filling mechanism is great for any type

My Trip to the San Francisco Pen Show (2023)

Hey everyone! Last weekend, I attended my first pen show in San Francisco, which was quite intimidating. I was busy doing schoolwork and was unfortunately forced to attend on Sunday, so I missed

Guide: Cool and Useful School Supplies

Whether you're going back to school shopping or wasting time browsing the internet for stationery instead of studying, there's always no harm in looking for random, affordable options to slip into your pencil

Guide: Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens

Pilot FriXion line pens are the quintessential erasable pens on the market today.  There's a wide variety of Pilot writing instruments featuring this technology, and they're the dominant manufacturer of erasable pens. Want