Guide: Best Affordable Fountain Pens

So you've decided that you want to get into the world of fountain pens. You do a search online and... What?! They're so expensive! Trust me, I've been there too. Many fountain pens

How to Spot a Fake Lamy Safari

As one of the most prominent fountain pens, Lamy Safari fountain pens have been a target for counterfeit production. Unfortunately, this means that secondary markets have been inundated with ersatz Lamy Safari listings,

Comparison: Rotring 600 vs. Rotring Rapid Pro

The Rotring 600 and the Rotring Rapid Pro are higher-end models in the Rotring lineup. They both feature mostly metal components while having some plastic parts. Although these two models are available in

Debunking Mechanical Pencils and Scantrons

A Scantron is a test-taking tool used by educators to distribute multiple-choice tests to students (you've probably taken one before). Machines automatically grade the tests filled out by students, so the whole process