Pen Reviews

Review: Akashiya Brush Pen

Well, I have a funny story with this pen. I bought it on a whim at the Narita airport in Japan on my way back from my trip. I had a few yen

Review: J. Herbin Round Glass Dip Pen

The J. Herbin Round Glass Dip Pen is a hand-crafted glass dip pen in a trendy style reminiscent of one from 17th-century Venice. In order to write, the glass dip pen must be

Review: Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

The Parker Jotter is one of Parker's most affordable offerings in their lineup of pens. Although available in fountain pen and rollerball form, the Parker Jotter ballpoint pen is the most

Review: Pilot Kakuno Doraemon Fountain Pen

The Pilot Kakuno Doraemon fountain pen is a special edition of Pilot's cheapest offering in the fountain pen market: the Kakuno. It features a lightweight plastic body commensurate with the price