Review: Sailor Lecoule Tokyu Hands "Sun 02" Fountain Pen

Review: Sailor Lecoule Tokyu Hands "Sun 02" Fountain Pen

The "Sun 02" is a special edition budget Sailor fountain pen exclusive to the Japanese retail store Tokyu Hands in Tokyo, Japan. During my trip to the country this past winter, I was lucky enough to stumble across this pen on sale while browsing the store and swiftly bought it.

Tokyu Hands is a retail chain in Japan that features plenty of different products ranging from gardener supplies to – you guessed it – fountain pens. They have some exclusive stationery in their store as well, including the Sailor Sun 02 I have here.

The store display of the fountain pen set. It's so pretty!

The fountain pen came in a sealed white, unassuming box. After opening the pen, you're greeted with the pen, ink, and a converter in fantastic packaging. The pen is 5,005 yen, or roughly $35. The presentation is very high quality, and for the low price, is pretty surprising.

This pen is a variant of the Sailot LeCoule fountain pen, a relatively low-priced pen with a plastic body and a steel nib. The sparkles on the pen's body are stunning and make it stand out amongst others. Unfortunately, the Sun 02 still takes a proprietary Sailor converter, which isn't exactly the best in terms of quality. Sailor converters are much worse in quality than Pilot's – they are too light and don't hold much ink. However, it's still usable.

The 20 mL ink bottle included with the fountain pen

The ink included in the set is gorgeous. It's a nice, lighter orange that writes well. It's a 20 mL bottle with "SUN 02" printed on its side, along with a white gradient that looks intriguing. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is a standard ink color, but if it is, I will be stocking my shelves with it – the included ink is so pretty!

Writing sample from the video above

The writing experience of this pen is pretty much expected of offerings around the $30 price point. It definitely can be smoother, but it's also not terrible to write with. I have had no issues with skipping during writing, and the pen is suitable for general use.

However, I find the pen's Medium-Fine nib closer to something alike a Lamy Extra-Fine nib. This does make sense – Sailor nibs tend to run finer, and Lamy nibs tend to run broader. The LeCoule follows this pattern.

The nib. Pretty and understated

The LeCoule's nib doesn't flex at all when writing. Normally, I find nibs to have a little flex after applying some force – even steel nibs offered by Lamy or Jowo. It's not the same with this pen. I don't have any problems with the nib, but it is stiff as a nail.

If you ever find yourself in Japan, I'd heavily recommend checking out Tokyu Hands – they have a huge selection, and you can easily spend your whole day in one of their bigger stores. There are many limited edition Zebra DelGuards and Pentels offered at Tokyu Hands, but I didn't pick any of them up as I got this pen instead. I'm also a broke high school student, so I couldn't afford to buy both.

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