Review: Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil

Review: Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil

The Rotring Rapid Pro is probably Rotring's least popular mechanical pencil, but it's something unique that should be on more people's radar. The Rapid Pro is a (mostly) all-metal mechanical pencil with a lead guard mechanism. If you are unfamiliar with this, here's an article about different types of mechanical pencils.

When most people in the stationery community think of Rotring, they think of their most popular line – the hexagonal-shaped Rotring 300, 500, 600, and 800. These instruments are staples in the community – especially the Rotring 600 and 800. They're revered for their high-quality build and soft tactile knurling. Unfortunately, these pens and pencils take the spotlight away from other great models in the Rotring lineup, such as the Rapid Pro.

The pencil in different lighting

The Rapid Pro comes in a standard Rotring box shaped like a triangular prism, just like most of their other products. The packaging is minimal, has a low footprint, and looks great. The quality of materials used is high enough to feel premium but not so great that it feels like it's taking away from the quality of the pencil itself. It also comes with an instruction manual that teaches you how to refill it (it's a standard mechanism that you refill through the eraser).

A close-up of the clip

Rotring's legacy of consistent quality continues with the Rapid Pro. The mechanical pencil's build quality is excellent. The metal is coated black and the finish has a high-quality feel to it. The grip is also very comfortable and is pretty comparable to that of the Rotring 600. The pencil is what you'd expect from a higher-end offering from Rotring. The sole thing I don't like about this pencil is the red plastic separating the grip section from the body. Twisting the grip and the body in opposite directions gives a little bit of play and takes away from the pencil's perceived quality, but is fine because you'll never notice this flaw unless you actively seek it.

The grip section and the body are separated by red plastic (a little problematic!)

I've also noticed that the clicking mechanism of the Rapid Pro is significantly quieter than many of Rotring's other offerings. The sound produced by the Rapid Pro is a deeper, more muted sound compared to the Rotring 600's clickier sound. I heavily prefer the sound of the Rapid Pro and it definitely will draw less attention if you fidget with it.

The Rotring Rapid Pro next to Rotring 600s and an 800

The Rapid Pro is essentially the same size as the 600 and 800. With the Rotring Rapid Pro weighing 25 grams, it is a hair heavier than the Rotring 600 (which weighs 22 grams), and the same weight as the Rotring 800 (also weighing 25 grams). However, during writing, all three of these pencils feel the same weight.

I thoroughly enjoy many of Rotring's offerings, and I can confidently say that the Rapid Pro fits right into their impressive lineup. I love using this pencil, and the lead guard mechanism that's added to this model is fantastically implemented. The pencil embodies many of Rotring's characteristics, and even though I don't love everything about the pencil, it's a fantastic one.

The Rapid Pro with the lead guard out
The Rapid Pro with the lead guard retracted

If you can find this pencil for a low price, maybe on the second-hand market, I heavily recommend it. It's a fantastic instrument that you won't regret purchasing.

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